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   Basso continuo

  Basso continuo is a notation from the Baroque period (ca. 1600-1750), which notes the chords to a song by base notes with associated symbols. It was easier than to note chords with notes, and it made it easier for the musician to play the notes. The idea behind the basso continuo reminiscent in many ways of the chord notation we use today.


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God save the Queen     PDF                

Der Mond ist aufgegangen   PDF                       

Wenn alle Brünnlein fliessen  PDF                                         

Start with Pianochords D major                                                                              

Old folks at home  PDF                             

Ade zur guten Nacht  PDF

Londonderry air   PDF

Start with Pianochords F major

Jingle Bells   PDF

Moscow Nights   PDF

Blow the man down  PDF

Auprès de ma blonde   PDF

Start with Pianochords Bb major

Pomp and circumstance     PDF

Silent Night     PDF

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